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Painting easel 165-175cm Easel description: - The freely adjustable height enables comfortable work in the field, without the need to bend down. - The stand is very light and compact. - Three segment adjustable legs, guaranteeing precise adjustment of the height of the stand. - Adjustable height of the image holder. - With one movement of the clamp, the stand can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the picture. - The legs are finished with articulated anti-slip ends, which ensures the stability of the stand in uneven terrain. - Adjustable clamp with spring allows you to adjust the frame up to a thickness of 3 cm. - 3 segment legs. Each leg has 3 segments and 2 length quick locks. - The stand is equipped with a high-quality, strong case for easy portability. Technical data: - Min. stand height: 52 cm - Stable height: 165 cm - Max. stand height up to 175 cm - Max. image height: 93 cm - Min. image height: 12 cm - Support length: 45 cm - Folded stand length: 52 cm - Color: black - Quality textile case - Weight 1.1 kg

Painting easel (outdoor)

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