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The four-channel All-In-One system XDJ-XZ is suitable for all advanced and professional DJs who want their live performances to be perfect and get everyone under the stage boiling. The mixer is inspired by the flagship NXS2, but has been packed into more compact dimensions for easy transport. As a result, you will have more space for movement, spontaneous jumping and cooperation with the audience. The package includes an activation key for the full version of the Rekordbox DJ software for even greater flexibility of use.

The domain of the XDJ-XZ is primarily the clear seven-inch LCD touchscreen, which shows you the detailed progress of the played track and other mixer settings. Furthermore, on the front panel you will find an intuitive control panel, a pair of Jog wheels for effective scratching and control of other effects or sixteen Performance pads to revive your tracks.


Support for different media and different performance styles

The XDJ-XZ gives you the freedom to play the way you want. Connect USB drives loaded with tracks analyzed by rekordbox or connect a PC / Mac to use our professional performance application, rekordbox dj. You can even play songs directly from the rekordbox library in link export mode, so you don't have to export playlists from your laptop to USB drives. Want to introduce audio from external sources? Connect turntables, samplers, smartphones and more to channels 3 and 4. And if you want to play with Serato DJ Pro, you'll be able to do so after a firmware update, soon in early 2020.


High quality sound and multiple equalizers

Treat your audience to crystal clear sound. You can fine-tune the whole mix with the 3-band EQ on the main output, and the 3-band EQ on each of the mic inputs makes it easy to adjust the sound of any of the MCs. Concerned about feedback? Turn on the Feedback reducer function (feedback reduction and if it occurs, it will automatically reduce its frequency


Easy synchronization with external devices

The XDJ-XZ is the first all-in-one DJ system to support Pro DJ Link. This means you can connect external devices such as CDJs to channels 3 and 4 and sync the sound to the mix. You can use the screen on the XDJ-XZ or on the CDJ to browse tracks on USB drives connected to one or the other.


Touch screen and Jog display color

Use the 7-inch LCD touch display and through the colors on the Jog display curves, Hot Cues, BPM and more in the center of each wheel. With so much visual information available, you can focus on your performance and monitor your laptop while working with rekordbox dj or Serato DJ Pro (coming early 2020).


Type: DJ mixer

Outputs: 2x XLR, 2x RCA, Jack 6.3 mm TRS, Headphones Jack 3.5/6.3 mm TRS

Inputs: 4x Phono RCA, 4x Line RCA, 2x Aux RCA, 2x Combo XLR/Jack

Number of channels: 4

USB: 2x

Width: 878 mm

Depth: 118 mm

Height: 466 mm

Weight: 13 kg

Pioneer XDJ-ZX

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