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A professional banknote calculator that you will find at all GLORY GFS 100 bank cash registers.

  • Counts currency: pieces of all currencies
  • Working modes: counting, dosing, adding, sorting
  • Counts: bills
  • Three counting modes: MIX, DD, CNT


The set of computers GFS-100/120 and UW600 is on the list of devices certified by the CNB.


  • Counting a mixture of banknotes and displaying the total sum on the display for the currencies CZK, USD and EUR (the operator does not have to sort the received cash and thus significantly speeds up the counting, which is 5x faster than on classic banknote computers)
  • Storage compartment (counterfeit, damaged banknotes and foreign denominations are automatically removed to the storage compartment - so the banknote computer does not jam)
  • Checking the validity of denominations (the calculator automatically rejects CZK denominations from 1993)
  • The possibility of connecting an external display for clients and printers for printing the statement
  • It has an automatic closure of the computing space to reduce dust in the workplace
  • Ergonomic, practical and elegant design
  • Maximum accuracy of counting, counting down and sorting
  • High design quality reduces service costs during operation
  • The quality of the design of the computers guarantees their long-term service life (use of the best materials that are mechanically stressed - e.g. specially hardened sensors patented by the GLORY company).

GLORY GFS 100 banknote counter

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